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First for Hunters. First for Wildlife.

The Sell-out Crowd at the 2024 Platte River SCI Convention Banquet, Jan. 27 in Kearney.


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Thank you to these industry friends who donated firearms and optics for our convention!

Heartland Precision Rifle

Christensen Arms

Leupold Optics

Zeiss Optics


Burris Optics

Legacy Sports International


GA Precision Rifles, LLC

Manners Stocks

Bartlein Barrels

HOWA Rifles

Vortex Optics

Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.

Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc.
Z Hanging Spur

Walther Arms, Inc.


Marlin Firearms

H-S Precision

Thank you for your interest in the Platte River Chapter of Safari Club International. I’m honored to lead our team in fulfilling the SCI mission of protecting the freedom to hunt and ensuring wildlife conservation.

As our young chapter grows, we look forward to doing our part by advocating, preserving and protecting the rights of all hunters, in Nebraska, the U.S. and the world. We also plan programs to educate children and the general public about the value and importance of hunting, building on our rich history and traditions.

Our board is committed to serving our members well, with information and programs and being transparent about chapter operations.

I invite you to join the Platte River Chapter of SCI to join in our work on behalf of all hunters. Working together, we’ll protect and build the legacy of hunting as an important American value. Please explore our website and get to know us. Then, please join us!

Shane Westcott, President
Platte River Chapter
Safari Club International

Our Hunting Heritage

Our Hunting Heritage

Hunting is a prized part of our heritage as Nebraskans. We enjoy both the hunting and the easy fellowship that comes from a day in the field. That same kind of fellowship is abundant in the Platte River Chapter of SCI. If hunting is important to you, you’ll find a home here. The chapter is the place to recount your hunts, enjoy the warm glow of memory, and share your hunting knowledge.

Our Focus on Youth

Our Focus on Youth

It’s a special day when a young person becomes a successful hunter. Because young people are the future of hunting, SCI and the Platte River Chapter make it a priority to encourage young hunters. Youth encounter a lot of misinformation about hunting, conservation and wildlife management. SCI members make the time to discuss the ethics and benefits of hunting with young people, and they provide them with opportunities to learn hunter safety, and laws affecting hunting, shooting skills, and the principles of ethical hunting.

Our Advocacy for Hunters

Our Advocacy for Hunters

This youngster loves to go along on family hunts and can’t wait until he can be a hunter, too. The Platte River Chapter and SCI work to ensure he’ll be able to hunt when the time comes. In today’s society, many people have little familiarity with hunting and hunting rifles and shotguns and don’t have the background to determine fact from fiction when they read or hear about proposed restrictions on the right to hunt. SCI’s motto, “First for Hunters,” includes advocating for hunters and defending the right to hunt. This advocacy includes educating the public about ethical hunting.

Our Commitment to Wildlife

Our Commitment to Wildlife

SCI is “First for Hunters” and it’s also “First for Wildlife.” The SCI Foundation focuses on conservation and makes grants to improve wildlife habitat and recovery. With input from member surveys, the foundation is currently funding these priorities: grizzly bear management, African leopard conservation and chronic wasting disease management. In Nebraska, the Platte River Chapter partners with state agencies and other organizations to provide hands-on help for projects such as habitat improvement.

Platte River Chapter SCI

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