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2024 Platte River Chapter SCI Breakout Sessions

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024

Jaime Dykman

Jaime Dykman of Solitude Boulevard will speak about the barriers and mental hurdles that prevent women from feeling confident about using a firearm for protection, hunting or shooting

Convention Seminar Especially for Women
with Jaime Dykman of Solitude Boulevard

Carry with Confidence –
Overcoming the Barriers to Using a 
4 p.m., Diamond Room 6

When she was growing up in the suburbs of central Ohio, there weren't a lot of opportunities for Jaime Dykman to learn and explore recreational shooting and the outdoor lifestyle.

"This door finally opened for me when I moved out west and met my husband who introduced me to archery, shooting and hunting.

"Now, as an avid hunter, angler and recreational shooter, I realized the main barriers that prevented me from having the confidence to do all of these things were lacking the know-how, not knowing what products I needed, and not knowing where to go. This inspired me to help other women overcome these barriers by providing resources for others to feel confident in the outdoors.

"In the breakout session, I plan to speak to the barriers and mental hurdles that prevent women from feeling confident and empowered especially when it comes to protecting themselves by carrying a firearm and even taking that next step into trying something new (like hunting or recreational shooting). I'll provide tips and tricks to help overcome these barriers, discuss resources, and the importance of 'confidence builds with practice.'"

Learn about Jaime and her company, here.

Long Range
Precision Shooting

Kenny Winn
and William Cary

Heartland Precision Rifle

2 p.m. Diamond Room 6

Long Range Precision Shooting pano
Kenny Winn is the founder of Heartland Precision Rifle in Niobrara, Nebraska, and a former Army sniper instructor.

He and William Cary will lead a two-hour, condensed version of Precision Rifle's "Long Range Precision Course 1" which is normally 8 hours long and costs $305. It's free to convention participants.

Heartland Precision Rifle will also be a vendor in our convention Trade Show. The company is donating a private, long-range shooting class for 1 for our Live Auction.

Learn more about Heartland Precision Rifle here.

Long Range Precision Shooting
will cover these topics:

* Deep dive into the
Fundamentals of Marksmanship

* Basic Ballistics and Firing Solutions

* Units of Measure:
understanding MOA and MIL

* Tech Integration

* Intro to Wind Calling

* Shooter - Spotter Communication

Long Range Precision Shooting shooter